• Tsunami


    With a large emphasis on battle ropes this class will challenge your core strength, stability muscles, and your muscular endurance. The high intensity structure of this full body workout will have you pumped up! With all the fun, music, and challenges this class will fly by. Challenge yourself and step into the Tsunami! Read more […]

    • Anabell Browne

  • Boxing

    strength, stamina, endurance


    Our professional instructor, former Ethiopian national coach, will teach you the art of boxing while you increase cardiovascular fitness and drop body fat.  Come channel your frustrations into powerful jabs, hooks, and uppercuts.  Exercise has never been so invigorating!

    • Abraham Abebe

  • b-FIT


    This class is for everyone regardless of your experience. A full body workout in a circuit/interval structure to keep your heart pumping along with your entire body. Its not called b-FIT by accident. Come get an amazing workout in this class specifically created for BodySmith Gym focusing on our philosophy where every body’s different. Read more […]

    • Ed Levin

  • Kettlebell FIT

    Kettlebell FIT

    Take Functional Interval Training to a new level using Kettlebells. Grab a kettlebell and swing, press, and explode into shape. Join our class today to maximize your strength and conditioning program! Read more […]

    • Ed Levin

    • Anabell Browne

  • Extreme Conditioning

    Extreme Conditioning

    A challenging workout utilizing the Treadmill while using specific exercises to increase stamina, muscular and cardiovascular endurance all to shape, sculpt and tone your legs. Read more […]

    • Anabell Browne

  • b-MMA


    Learn the fundamentals with this BodySmith MMA class. This class combines Jui Jitsu, Muay Thai and Boxing into 1 complete 90 minute skills program! Read more […]

    • Ed Levin

  • Bodyweight HIIT (High Intesity Interval Training)

    Start pulling your own weight! Read more […]

    • Ed Levin

  • BodySmith STRONG

    Start pulling your own weight! Read more […]

    • Ed Levin

  • H.E.A.T ( High Energy Athletic Training)

    Start pulling your own weight! Read more […]

    • Ed Levin

  • Spinning

    shaping, endurance, cardio


    Pedal your way to improved endurance, better health, and a ton of burned calories. Led by the area’s top instructors, these classes are high energy and a ton of fun.

    • Tom Dushney

    • Tatiana Shchekodina

    • Stacy Martin

    • Rick Deus

    • Lorenita Lucas

    • Leticia Long

    • Laurel Anderson

    • Jeffery Brown

    • Calvin Dark

  • DC RollerGirl Crash Course

    cardio, stamina, endurance

    DC RollerGirl Crash Course

    Join the DC Rollergirls as they cross-train in preparation for the Derby season. This class is full of energy and intensity for anyone who wants to sweat into fitness! Read more […]

    • Courtney Shelton

  • FIT (Functional Interval Training)

    cardio, strength, endurance

    FIT (Functional Interval Training)

    Our signature FIT classes will reap maximum benefits in the minimum amount of time. A combination of innovative and traditional methods, such as suspension training, medicine ball tosses, and rope slams, will improve strength, power production, and cardiovascular fitness. Nothing else will help create such a well-rounded fitness profile from head to toe.

    • Martin Pfeifer

    • Joey Taylor

  • Kickboxing

    strength, stamina, power


    Kickboxing at it’s best, taught by an instructor with over 15 years of experience. Read more […]

    • Martin Pfeifer

    • Ken Charney

    • Joey Taylor

  • Muscular Endurance Training

    strength, speed, stamina

    Muscular Endurance Training

    Come join our muscular endurance class if you want to get a great full body workout while torching body fat. A combination of body weight, free weights, and kettlebells are used to work all major muscle groups. This is an excellent way to increase muscle strength, endurance, and general fitness.

    • John Hampton

    • Aghilas Hocine

  • Vinyassa Yoga

    stretching, toning, strengthening

    Vinyassa Yoga

    This class contains various styles and movements. These poses help to improve posture, increase flexibility, and improve total body control. Experience a deep stillness within while opening up your shoulders, hips, legs, and spine.

    • Sarah Kelsey