We have a new yoga class starting next week! Whether you are new or an experienced yogi, join Micah Norgard for Dharma Yoga Tuesday mornings at 6:30AM or Thursday evenings at 6:30PM. Each class is 45 minutes.

Micah is a Washington, D.C.-based yoga student/instructor who specializes in the Hatha-Raja style of yoga. He attended VETOGA, a school of yoga mainly inspired by Sri Dharma Mittra, but also pulls from other lineages. His flow includes a well-adjusted practice that impacts the whole body in a manageable sequence. The flow focuses on balance, stretching, back bends, twisting and inverted postures. Each practice ends with deep breathing and meditation exercises to bring a sense of relaxation to the body and mind.

In the Dharma Yoga tradition, the class will be a flow series of postures, incorporating breath work, chant, and a guided relaxation; yoga nidra. Suitable for all levels. You will leave the class feeling relaxed and refreshed. Sign up now!

Contact us here for any questions and to sign up!

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