Your local team of fitness experts

At BodySmith, we believe that a healthy lifestyle is something everyone can benefit from, although the same exercise modalities may not work for everyone. Even if you’re not someone who naturally enjoys working out, genetically gifted, or an athlete, there is way to incorporate fitness into your routine. We want everyone to feel welcome, and we want to help you find something that is sustainable and enjoyable. A harmony should exist between fitness enthusiasts and more casual exercisers. We all share a desire for self improvement, so we should celebrate our similarities, not our differences. We welcome you, no matter who you are, to come explore the plethora of options available at our facility.

Community focused

Our business has grown up in the Dupont/Logan Circle area of Washington, DC. We are truly grateful to be a part of this community, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without you. We honestly want to see the health and fitness levels of our community contemporaries improve. As such, we try to incorporate this appreciation into our business practices. From local business partnerships, to partnerships with nearby condo and apartment complexes, to educational workshops, we are trying to make sure we extend a special thank you to everyone who has helped us grow over the years!


Starting on a much more modest scale in the Dupont Circle area, our first facility was only 1,700 square feet of purely personal training studio space. Our second location, located in the Logan Circle area, expanded to about three times that size. We also had a dedicated classroom to expand training options for our clients. Finally, we recently moved into a space more than double the size of our last, only two doors down from our previous location. We now have both a dedicated personal training studio, membership gym, dedicated classrooms, massage and spa services, and the JuicyMax juice bar (Coming soon) as well.

Personalized Services

Unlike most gyms, our services can be purchased separately to suit your needs. You can become a member of the gym and workout on your own, train exclusively with a personal trainer, purchase class only packages, or enjoy massages at your leisure. Although you do benefit from patronizing multiple services, it isn’t required if you only want access to certain services. We don’t want you to pay for things that you won’t use. This way, you get the maximum value out of what you purchase and enjoy the best fitness experience possible.

Personal Training Philosophy

At BodySmith, our personal trainers are taught to take a holistic approach. No matter what your goals are, injury prevention and proper movement patterns are key. From the start, we try to identify faulty motor patterns, mobility deficits, and strength imbalances that could not only injure you, but slow down your progress toward your more direct goal as well. It isn’t just enough to work hard; you have to work hard and smart.

Far too often, a workout of the day is created for all the clients of a given trainer, only slightly modifying where absolutely necessary. This takes the “personal” out of personal training, and it isn’t of maximum value to you if this is the service being provided. Although there are some basic movement patterns everyone will perform at some level, everything from the movement preparation, to loading parameters, to total training volume, to emphasis on weaknesses in stength will vary according to the person and their goals. Templates are just templates, they need to be modified to meet a specific person’s needs.

For most goals, nutrition is also of utmost importance. It isn’t something that most trainers pay enough attention to. BodySmith has tested and endorses certain services that can help someone meet their dietary needs. These range from activity trackers and diet logs that you can use on your own, to nutritionists that we can refer you to.